Are Vinyl Windows High Quality

I’m shopping for new windows for my home and want to get a quality product.  My friend told me that if I want quality I should stay away from vinyl. Is that true?

While it’s true that some vinyl windows are poorly made and may not perform well over time, there are also some really well-made, high quality vinyl windows available today. The key is to understand the differences and know what to look for when shopping for windows. Many people know that energy efficiency is important. However, just because a window is energy efficient, doesn’t mean it’s a good quality window. In an effort to make energy-efficient windows at a low cost, some window manufacturers cut corners in other areas that are equally important.  Read more

I’m house shopping, what sort of things should I consider about the windows on properties that I look at?

We work with a lot of REALTORS who represent buyers and this is one of their most common questions. Many consumers believe that because vinyl windows tend to look similar, they are all equal in quality, but they are not. Two key ingredients to a quality window are the efficiency and the strength of the window. Just because a house has windows that go up and down, tilt out for easy cleaning and are double pane doesn’t mean the windows are efficient. Nor does it mean they are structurally strong and will continue to perform down the road. Read more

Do I NEED Triple Pane Windows in Iowa?

I’ve heard that triple pane windows aren’t necessary for our Iowa climate.  Do you agree?

There is no doubt that triple pane windows are better than double pane windows when it comes to energy efficiency, condensation resistance, and noise reduction. They are also better at keeping your home consistently more comfortable. But with these added benefits come added costs, and many people wonder if the additional cost of triple pane windows is worth it. Read more

Argon Gas? In my Windows?

I keep hearing window companies talk about argon gas.  What is it and why should I consider it for my new windows?

That’s a great question! Argon gas is an inert, dense gas that is often inserted in the space between the panes of glass to increase the energy efficiency of a window.  A double-paned window with only air between the panes is more efficient than a single paned window. However, a double-paned window with argon gas between the panes boosts the energy efficiency of the window and generally helps it meet strict Energy Star efficiency standards. You can think of argon gas between your window panes as functioning much like the insulation between your walls and floors.  The insulation helps to keep your home more efficient and comfortable throughout the year. Read more

Is it worth investing in Replacement Windows

We want to make improvements to our home and are wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade and install new windows?

Great question and you’re not alone. Most homeowners have similar questions and want to make sure they’re making the right investment.

Older windows can let in so much more than light. The older the window is the draftier it can get. During a cold winter, like we just had, cold air can pour into your home letting the warmth out which can drastically increase your heating bills. Sometimes, it can feel as if your heater never turns off! Then, during our hot and humid RVA summers, the exact opposite happens. Your AC will run continuously while the cool air escapes out of your home. Read more

Triple Pane Windows Can Change Your Life