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Steps You Can Take to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

A burst pipe, heavy storm, or leaking appliance can quickly cause serious water damage to your home. Knowing how to prevent water damage in your home can save you time and money and preserve your home’s safety, beauty, and value. Uncontrolled water damage from leaks or appliance backups can also increase the risk of mold and mildew in your home. You should regularly check your windows, doors, foundation, siding, roof, gutters, attic, basement, and around plumbing appliances to look for signs of water damage in your home in Cedar Rapids, IA. At Window Depot USA of Eastern Iowa, we specialize in window repair, windowpane replacement, and glass replacement. If you notice any signs of window damage or water damage around your windows, call us today to request a consultation.

Check Your Appliances Regularly

Plumbing appliances are one of the most common sources of water leaks in the home. You should regularly inspect your appliances and the area around them for signs of leaks or water damage. Look for puddles of water, water stains, rusted or corroded metal, peeling paint or plaster, rotting wood, and increased pest or insect activity. The most common sources of water leaks are:

  • Water heaters
  • Cold water service pipes
  • Hot water pipes
  • Boiler pipes
  • Safety and overpressure valves
  • Drainpipes
  • Wastewater pipes
  • Refrigerator and ice maker hoses
  • Faucets and hose bibs

Clean Gutters & Downspouts

Rain gutters and downspouts direct rainwater off your roof and away from your home’s foundation. If your gutters are clogged or damaged, rainwater will run down the side of your home and pool up at your foundation. The water can leak into your home if you have any cracks or holes in your exterior siding, windows, or doors. It can also cause water damage to your foundation and affect its structural stability. You can prevent this by keeping your gutters clean and inspecting them seasonally and after storms to make sure they function properly.

Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are grates or screens that fit over the top of your gutter system. They allow rainwater to flow through the gutter system but keep out leaves, twigs, rocks, and other debris that could clog the gutters. They also discourage animals from nesting in or around your gutter system. Installing gutter guards can extend your gutters’ lifespan and ensure they continue to operate efficiently.

Maintain Trees & Shrubs

Overgrown trees and shrubs can cause damage to your home. Tree and shrub roots can infiltrate your water or sewer pipes, causing leaks or backups that lead to water damage. You should never plant trees or shrubs near your main water or sewer line. Poorly maintained trees can grow over your roof, increasing your risk of roof damage and leaks, or clogging up your gutter system. They also provide easy access for animals that like to find entryways into your home to get out of the cold, build a nest, and have babies. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, rats, and mice can cause major damage to your home. You can end up with damaged insulation and wiring, a leaky roof, and structural problems. Birds and animals can also gain easier access to your gutter system through overgrown trees, and if they build nests in your gutters, your gutters will clog and overflow. Maintain your trees and shrubs and watch out for signs of nesting animals, tree root intrusion, and soil erosion.

Monitor Water Pressure

High water pressure can strain your pipes and plumbing system and eventually cause leaks. You can purchase a water pressure monitor and regularly monitor your home’s water pressure yourself. You can also ask a plumber to check your home’s water pressure during an annual plumbing inspection.

Watch Your Water Bill

Any huge, unexplained jump in your water bill could indicate a hidden leak. Monitor your water bill carefully and call a professional if you notice a sudden increase. A professional plumber can perform a plumbing inspection or leak inspection to find and repair the source of a water leak.

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Know How to Shut Off the Water Main

If you have a water leak or burst pipe, thousands of gallons of water can end up in your home, causing major water damage. As soon as you notice a leak or any sign of flooding, turn off the main water valve to your home and call a plumber. Most main water shut-off valves are installed on the side of your home that faces the street. Your water main likely begins in the street and goes in a straight line to your home. Look for your home’s plumbing manifold, the central branch for all your plumbing lines. If you still can’t find your shut-off valve, call a plumber. Plumbers typically have a lot of experience locating shut-off valves quickly.

Inspect the Roof & Chimney

You should regularly inspect your roof and chimney for signs of cracks, leaks, and damage. We recommend that you inspect it seasonally and after a severe storm or severe period of weather. Your home’s roof is the first line of defense against leaks; even minor damage can allow water in. Inspect the roofing material and chimney carefully and check for signs of pooling water, cracks, animal damage, or missing pieces. Schedule a professional roofing inspection every two years, and hire a roofing contractor to repair damage as soon as you find it.

Install Leak Detectors

Installing leak or flood detectors in your basement can warn you if it senses moisture or water. The sooner you are aware of a water problem, the better, as even a minor leak can quickly cause major residential water damage.

Repair Windows

Leaking windows and doors are the perfect avenue for water to get into your home. Inspect your windows and doors regularly for signs of leaks, cracks, gaps, condensation, and wear and tear. Our team can re-caulk around window openings and redo damaged or worn-out weatherstripping. We can also provide professional window repair and windowpane replacement for broken or damaged glass. If any windows are severely damaged, we can provide quick window replacement or glass repair and replacement services.

Call for Expert Window Repairs

At Window Depot USA of Eastern Iowa, we can help you with residential water damage prevention in Cedar Rapids, IA. We specialize in window repair and replacement, window glass replacement, vinyl replacement windows, door installation, roofing, exterior siding, and gutter services. Call us today or contact us online to schedule an inspection, request a quote, or set up an in-home consultation.