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Your home’s exterior siding is its primary defense against wind, snow, hail, rain, sun, and extreme temperatures. Without siding, your home is at risk of water damage, structural problems, pests and animal damage, and mold and mildew growth. At Window Depot USA of Eastern Iowa, we know how important it is to choose the right siding for your home’s aesthetics, as well as your needs and budget. We offer a wide range of different siding options in Eastern Iowa from trusted, name-brand manufacturers. Our premium siding options come from the best siding brands on the market and allow you to let your style shine through. Call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss our siding brands and siding options.

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Choosing from Our Range of Siding Options

When choosing exterior siding, you want to consider cost, appearance, installation, maintenance, and durability. Our team of experienced siding installers can assess your home and help you find the perfect type of siding for your needs. Your siding needs to effectively protect your home from damage, but it should also play a large role in your home’s overall appearance and value. Certain types of siding are associated with specific architectural styles and historic elements. Modern siding options merge classic, elegant design with more durable and weather-resistant materials. When you schedule a consultation with us, we’ll go over your siding options, show you samples, let you look through our portfolio of completed projects, and guide you through the process of choosing the right siding brand, style, color, material, and texture for your home.

We Offer the Best Siding Brands

  • Prodigy® One-Piece Insulated Siding System – Prodigy® One-Piece Insulated Siding System from Alside™ protects your home’s energy efficiency, reduces storm and impact damage, and resists moisture and water damage. It offers industry-best insulation up to 1 ½ inches of thickness and delivers outstanding R-value performance that can lower your home’s heating and cooling costs. The surface of this vinyl siding repels moisture and resists water retention. It also resists fading and can withstand strong winds and impact from wind-blown objects and hail. Its high-performance finish resists scratching, abrasions, and fading. It is also designed to remain secure even in high winds. It is available in a standard range of colors, from white and cream to sage, sand, blue, green, gray, and brown.
  • Alside™ Vinyl & Specialty Siding – We’re proud to carry Alside™’s wide range of vinyl and specialty siding, including composite cladding, insulated vinyl siding, specialty siding, and steel siding. Alside™ products combine beauty with durability to create low-maintenance siding options that look beautiful for a lifetime. Their energy-efficient vinyl siding and innovative composite cladding allow you to enhance the natural beauty of your home and draw attention to its unique architecture and your aesthetic. Alside™ offers a wide range of colors to accent your home and superior-engineered materials that stand the test of time.
  • LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding – LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is designed to be highly durable, long-lasting, and beautiful. Their engineered wood siding prevents split pieces, warping, and pest and insect intrusions. They are also resistant to fungal decay and protected against termites. They offer outstanding impact resistance, better than vinyl and fiber cement siding.
  • Charter Oak® Energy Elite Insulated Siding – Charter Oak® Energy Elite Insulated Siding from Alside™ is engineered to insulate and protect your home. It is fabricated from only the finest materials and is created from a proprietary compound of different materials. It is available in a wide range of colors, from white and cream to brick red, gray, blue, and brown.

Benefits of Our Siding Materials

Our quality, durable siding comes in a wide range of materials. Each one of these home siding options offers different benefits, including:

  • Advanced Durability – We are proud to work with trusted siding brands and manufacturers known for their advanced durability. Their products are beautiful and designed to withstand extreme temperatures, wind, hail, extreme weather, rain, moisture, and sun damage.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty – Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we offer an industry-leading warranty on all parts and labor.
  • Award-Winning – We only work with the best siding brands, known for their award-winning products, innovation, advanced design, and exceptional performance.

Choose from these proprietary siding materials, where each element contributes specific benefits:

  • PureStrength™ Vinyl Resin – This material offers superior strength and weather resistance. It prevents moisture infiltration and reduces the risk of siding rotting, warping, shrinking, or swelling. Your siding will be almost maintenance-free.
  • Ti-Shield™ Titanium Dioxide – This material resists ultraviolet degradation and sun damage. It uses StayRight™ vinyl stabilizers to resist heat degradation.
  • TrueShield™ Impact Modifiers – These materials offer exceptional impact resistance.
  • DesignersChoice™ Pigment Concentrates – These materials produce amazing, vibrant colors that won’t fade or wash away.
  • ChromaTrue® – This material uses ASA weatherable polymers to provide fade-resistance and weather-resistance.
  • Field-Fit – This material eliminates the need for glue or laminate during manufacturing. The siding fits snugly to your home, but the layers can expand with temperature fluctuations, so you’re less likely to experience warping and binding.

Our Siding Installation & Maintenance Services

Our team has extensive experience in siding installation, maintenance, and repairs. We are locally owned and operated and passionate about providing quality products and services. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for homeowners, contractors, and builders who want to see a project through from beginning to end with our team. We will help you choose from our wide selection of siding options to find the perfect choice to protect your home’s safety, energy efficiency, value, and beauty. We then offer expert installation by our experienced technicians and ongoing vinyl siding maintenance and repairs.

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