Warning Signs from Your Roof


Your roof, the primary shield of your home against harsh weather, warrants vigilant care. Regular roof maintenance and inspections can help detect warning signs, possibly averting the need for emergency roof repair and extending the roof’s lifespan. Here’s what you should look for.

Look at Your Shingles

Begin by evaluating the state of your shingles. The condition of your shingles is a clear indicator of your roof’s overall health. If you notice cracks, curled, or completely absent shingles, it’s a substantial warning sign. These faulty or missing shingles can lead to water infiltration, potentially damaging your home’s interior and necessitating leak repair. Another sign of worn-out shingles is the presence of granules in your gutters, indicating that the shingles are nearing the end of their life cycle and may soon need replacement.

Water Damage

Next, watch for signs of water damage inside your home. Stains on your ceilings or walls, a musty odor, or mold growth can all point toward a potential leak. Remember, you may not always see water even when there’s a leak, as water can travel along roof panels of the structural framework before causing visible damage. Because of this, being proactive about leak repair is very important.

Sagging or Dipping

A sagging roof deck is another sign of trouble and is actually very serious. This can result from various issues like incorrect installation, sustained water damage, or an inadequate support structure. When you observe a sag or a dip in parts of your roof, seeking immediate roof repair is highly recommended.

Algae Growth

Likewise, the presence of algae, moss, or fungi is another warning sign. They might not cause immediate damage but can slowly deteriorate the roofing materials over time. Regular cleaning and preventive measures are vital parts of your roof maintenance plan to avoid such issues.

Energy Loss

Finally, monitor your energy bills. An unexpected spik could suggest poor roof insulation, which lets heat escape in the winter and excessive heat penetrates during the summer.

Who to Call?

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