How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

Your roof is a protective shield over your head, keeping your home comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient. That’s why quality roof installation requires careful planning, hard work, and professional execution. When it’s time to install a new roof, having a game plan can minimize the disruption to your everyday life. So, how should you prepare? Let’s break down the steps before and during your roof replacement.

Before the Roofers Arrive

To ensure a smooth, efficient new roof installation, here’s what to do before your roofing team arrives:

  • Create a clear path to the house. This involves opening gates and removing debris from walkways to allow the roofers easy access to your home.
  • Remove antennas and satellite dishes. If these are attached to your roof and could get in your roofers’ way, be sure to remove them ahead of time.
  • Ensure outdoor electrical outlets are working and accessible. Roofers may need these for their equipment. If there are no outlets on your home’s exterior, use the ones in the garage.
  • Move your car. It’s best to park away from the house to protect your vehicle from falling debris.
  • Clear out the yard. Remove patio furniture, potted plants, gardening supplies, the kids’ toys, and anything else that could sustain damage if materials fall from the roof.
  • Cover belongings in the attic. Dust and small debris can fall from the attic ceiling while the roofers do their work, so protect valuables by covering them with sheets.
  • Remove wall decorations. The vibrations while installing a new roof are no cause for alarm, but picture and mirrors could fall off the walls, so it’s safer to remove them beforehand.
  • Let your neighbors know. Roof replacement can be noisy, so it’s considerate to give your neighbors a heads-up.

While Your Roof Installation is Underway

Once your roof replacement is in progress, here’s how to help your family manage:

  • Keep children and pets inside. This helps prevent any accidents and keeps your loved ones safe from harm.
  • Have your kids nap in the basement. During a noisy roof installation, the basement is the best place to send your kids so they can rest in a peaceful, quiet space.
  • Listen to your roofers. These professionals have your best interests in mind. They’re here to give you the best new roof installation possible, so heed their advice and instructions.

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