Preparing Your Roof for a Storm

It’s easy to forget about the roof over your head until a severe storm rolls in. However, it’s crucial not to let storm season sneak up on you. The last thing you want is for your roof to sustain damage you could have prevented, leading to expensive storm damage roof repair. Here are some ways to prepare your roof to withstand the elements.

1. Get a Roof Inspection

Before storm season kicks in, schedule a preventative storm damage roof inspection. Trained eyes can identify signs of roof damage, such as missing shingles, loose flashing, or excessive wear and tear. They may also discover evidence of hail damage, a common issue in Eastern Iowa that could compromise the structural integrity of your roof during the next storm.

2. Fix Minor Flaws

With the results of your inspection in hand, it’s time to address the identified issues. Promptly repairing minor flaws can prevent water infiltration and other significant damage when a storm hits.

3. Clean Your Gutters

Keeping the gutters and downspouts clear is vital when preparing your roof for storm season. Clogged gutters prevent torrential downpours from draining properly, causing water to back up onto the roof and pour down the siding. Roof leaks and basement flooding are common outcomes, which you can prevent by regularly cleaning your gutters.

Don’t forget to remove loose debris from the roof as well! Branches, twigs, and leaves can retain moisture after a storm, leading to mold, rot, and algae growth, so remove these items while cleaning your gutters.

4. Replace Old, Leaky Gutters

Gutter cleaning can only do so much. If your gutters are rusty, leaky, or pulling away from the house, consider upgrading to seamless gutters. These are extruded onsite as a single piece, limiting the chance of leaks and improving drainage to keep water from accumulating on your roof and near the foundation.

5. Trim Your Trees

Falling branches are a major concern, so prune back limbs that overhang the house to prevent roof damage during a storm. It’s also wise to check old trees for weak branches and trim any hazardous ones. You may even want to remove the tree entirely if it grows too close to the foundation.

6. Keep Tarps on Hand

Tarps sell out quickly after hailstorms, so it’s smart to have a few available in case your roof sustains damage. These plastic coverings provide a quick, temporary fix to keep the elements out until you can arrange storm-damaged roof repair.

7. Check for Roof Replacement Insurance

Review your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers storm damage roof replacement. Understanding what is and isn’t covered beforehand will save you time and stress if you have to file a claim.

Schedule Roof and Gutter Services in Eastern Iowa

Preparing your roof for storm season requires careful planning and professional intervention. That’s where Window Depot of Eastern Iowa comes in. We provide high-quality residential roofing and gutter services to help you prepare for and recover from storm season. Contact us today at (319) 294-7000 to request a free estimate for the services you require.